Rules of living in the hotel:

  • Hotel works 24 hours.
  • Check-out time is at 12:00, check-in time is from 14:00.
  • No smoking in the rooms!
  • The payment is made according to the price-list at the time of settlement.
  • An additional place for the third person costs 1 500 rub. including breakfast except Apartment. An additional place in apartment costs 3 000 rub. including breakfast.
  • The guest’s room is provided by 100% payment of the first night of accommodation in the moment of settlement. The service is considered to be provided after registration, payment, obtaining of a check and the key of a room.
  • For the stay less than 24 hours the payment is charged for a full day regardless of the time of arrival and departure.
  • In case of early departure after check-out time the payment for the room is not returned.
  • The early arrival is possible on the day of arrival if there are free rooms. Hourly pay is made for early arrival from 00-00 till 14-00.
  • The late check-out is possible if there is no reservation on that day. Payment for prolongation of stay should be made before 12-00.
  • There is payment for the half of day from 12-00 till 18-00.
  • There is payment for the whole day from 18-00 till 00-00.
  • If there is non-cash payment but money isn’t credited to our current account at the time of guest’s arrival, the guest should pay for the stay himself. In case of reservation’s cancellation later than 24 hours before the date of arrival there will be a fine of the daily cost of one night’s accommodation.
  • In case of absence of guarantee of payment by credit card, reservation is considered to be unguaranteed and may be cancelled on the day of arrival from 19-00.
  • The breakfast is in the lobby-bar from 07:00 till 10:00.
  • There is no payment for accommodation of children before 7 years old.
  • Guest’s accommodation is made with the passport. Foreign guest’s accommodation is made with the foreign passport, visa and migration card.
  • It is impossible to check-in not having an identification document and being in a state of strong alcohol and drugs. The hotel has a right to refuse in checking-in the guest without reason’s explanation.
  • The guest takes note and isn’t against of the fact of using the CCTV’s system on the hotel’s territory (except the rooms).
  • In case of damage or loss of hotel’s property a guest must pay damages according the price-list.
  • Any dispute that is not found in the text of Rules will be resolving by negotiations. In the other case it will be resolved be Russian Federation’s legislation system.

It is prohibited:

  • To leave outsiders in the room in your absence or later than 23-00.
  • To give outsiders the room’s key.
  • To keep bulky, flammable, explosive things or drugs in the room.
  • To use heating apparatus if they are not provided in the room.
  • To leave the windows opened or the water tap.

The guest is responsible for the abidance of fire safety equipment in the room during the whole period of stay.


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